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To CAD and Beyond

Hello there and welcome back to Eco Robotic’s bi-weekly newsletter, your place to get caught up on everything FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)   Robotics. As the 2024 robotics's season continues to progress - it being about a month since this year's competition was announced - the initial form of team 8016’s robot is beginning to take shape. Presently, the team has the majority of their robot designed in CAD (Computer-aided design) and are continuing to prototype the robot's intake and shooter. Right now they are constructing their pieces out of wood, which is easy to cut and manipulate, before eventually making the robot’s final components out of metal, which is more durable, but expensive.

Talking about wood, this is the material that the team’s field elements were successfully assembled out of! These elements are what the robot interacts with during competition. They include the port that the robot will score notes (the foam frisbees that the robot picks up and scores during the game) into as well as the structure that holds the chain that the robot will hang from at the end of its match.

Along with the shooter and the intake, members of the team are prototyping the hook that the robot will use to securely hold, and pull itself onto this chain as well.

On Operations’ side of the team, a lot of progress has been made. They are continuing their work on grants and prepping competition logistics. Recently they announced the exciting news that the team will be holding their first ever summer camp in June! More details are on our website.

That looks like all I have for you today. If you are interested in reaching out or have any other questions or concerns for the team, feel free to contact Eco Robotics at or by filling out the form on our website.

See you all in two weeks for another exciting update on what’s to come.

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