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Fabricating Spirit

Hello there and welcome back to Eco Robotic’s bi-weekly newsletter, your place to get caught up on everything FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)  Robotics. With less than 2 weeks remaining until the teams’ regional competition will take place in San Francisco on March 7th through the 10th, Eco Robotics has been continuing to fabricate parts for their robot while keeping up team spirit along the way.

On the mechanical side of the team, the robot's intake, which was originally made out of wood for testing purposes, is being disassembled and reconstructed out of durable metal which will allow it to withstand the impact of bumping into other robots and obstacles it may encounter during gameplay. The same has taken place with the robot’s shooter which has now been tested out for real.

In other regards, people have officially been assigned to which of the team's two AirBnBs they will be staying in during competition. Those who will not be able to stay in close proximity to where the game will be held will have the chance to carpool to and from the event.

Last but not least, the business side of the team has been busy ordering new t-shirts (which have the Eco Robotics logo on them along with their sponsors) for everyone to wear during competition. Also, pom-poms have been being made to keep up team spirit and the team has opened registration for their Youth Robotics Summer Camp, which you can find out more about through the link below.

That looks like all I have for you today. If you are interested in reaching out or have any other questions or concerns for the team, feel free to contact Eco Robotics at or by filling out the form on our website.

See you all in two weeks for another exciting update!

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