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About Eco Robotics

Our Founding Story

Founded in 2019, we are a FIRST Robotics Competition team based out of Credo High, in Rohnert Park, California. Our team is based on the principles of sustainability, and working to raise awareness about its importance within STEM and STEAM.


A Sustainable World View

As a team, and as students wanting to make an impact on the world, we recognize the importance of creating and promoting a healthy future for us all. In integrity with our school principals, our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of caring for and preserving our fragile world.


Credo High School

Credo High is a public charter school that is guided by the core principles of Public Waldorf Education to deliver a college-prep program that advances critical thinking, creativity, responsibility, and initiative in public school students. Founded in 2011 to continue the education offered by our region’s six exemplary Alliance for Public Waldorf Education K-8 member schools, Credo is raising the bar for public high schools in Sonoma County—and establishing a repli­cable new model for public high schools nationwide.

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