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Capital City Classic Recap

Hello, and welcome back to Eco Robotics’s bi-weekly newsletter; your newsletter for everything FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Robotics. As of late, all of team 8016’s countless hours of student-led work paid off at the event Capital City Classic! It was the team's third time attending this thrilling off-season robotics event, which was held in Sacramento from Friday, October 27, to Sunday the 29th. New members of the teams were able to fully see what being a part of a robotics competition entails, while more experienced members of the team and the new team leadership who took the place of vital leaders as well as were able to perfect their communication skills and take notes about what the team can do better during the main competition which will take place in the spring. In conclusion, everyone was able to have fun and learn a lot.

This year, Eco Robotics went above and beyond with their invitations, fundraising, and team collaboration. For the first time, the team had spent their entire summer designing and creating a second robot for this event! During their time at competition, Eco Robotics competed with this new robot, Klaus, as well as their last season's robot Clawdia (Capital City Classic held the same game challenge that took place last season).

Overall, the competition went well - besides for a few obstacles that presented themselves in the robots function. We were able to interact with new teams that we met as well as those that we already knew, plan new game strategies, and on a positive note, the difficulties that we did face with our robots were able to teach us all the more and allowed people to practice repairing things on the spot.

Also, this was only an off-season event, so the team was not as stressed as they might have been at the main season that will begin in January. On another hand, it is very impressive that the team was able to construct a second robot in the first place. Eco Robotics has only been around for 4 years compared to some teams which have been around for over 20. Considering that out of the 50 experienced teams at Capital City Classic only 3 other teams competed with a second robot, team 8016 deserves even greater applause for their accomplishments.

Currently, the team has been taking it easy as they rest, recuperate, and celebrate another successful competition.

If you are interested in reaching out or have any other questions or concerns for the team, feel free to contact Eco Robotics at or by filling out the form on our website.

See you all in two weeks for another exciting team update!

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