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Eco Robotics is committed to inspiring and encouraging the next generation of learners with the world of STEM.

The Women Empowerment Program

This program was created to help women and girls of all backgrounds achieve their goals in the male-dominated world of STEM. We've created action plans that have helped us receive the FIRST Equity and Access Grant in 2019 (which unfortunately wasn't able to roll out because of COVID) and again in 2021. These plans outline how we strive to help through direct action. For a copy of our 2021 plan or more info, reach out to us by clicking the button below.

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Summer Camps and After School Programs

We are looking forward to offering summer camps and after school camps to middle school students to encourage and develop their knowledge of science, technology, and sustainability. This year, we have received a $3,000 FIRST Equity and Access grant for the 2022 season to fund this initiative.

Volunteer Opportunities

We aspire to offer volunteer opportunities for the team and the greater community. This is done by finding both professional and impactful programs or events that align with our mission and core values as a team and organization.

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