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Our Mentors


Julian Shaw


Jack McDonald-Doxsee (Alumni)

Areas of Mentorship: Leadership, Awards, Business, Logistics, General Operations

Experience: Jack is currently a Mechanical Engineering Major at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Fun Facts: Jack loves soccer, plans to run for Congress eventually, does art in his free time, and is always up to do something crazy!

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Karl Kromer


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Andrew Kay


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Ray Chin


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Daniel DeLeon

Alumni Mentor

"One of my main interests is in bridging the gap between concepts and practical application... and helping develop individual abilities within a group with a tight timeline."

Areas of Mentorship: Founding/Lead Mentor

Experience: Dr. Shaw worked as a post-doc R&D in developing magnetic sensing devices for narcotics and explosives, and then in industry developing prototypes for installation for US Customs, post office and at airports. He also worked as a full-time production woodturner and pattern maker for 16 years, and is versed in a variety of woodworking and metal working skills and tools.

Fun Facts: One of his favorite foods is 'bangers and mash'

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